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The “Bergomi" Model it’s our philosophy, our working process, result of years of experience!


We will guide you in the Analisys of the Floor Plan, choosing the best articles for your project. We can also reserve our showroom for the meeting with your client. You will be able to let him experience the object and not just look at it from the catalogue.


An expert always at your disposal in the selection of the best products for your projects. Let be guided in the Budget Analisys, cooperate in the presentation of the products or give your client the possibility to choose directly in our showroom.


Time is gold. Ask us a quotation, we will respond in no more than 48h.  From the moment of your order, we will monitor his statuts, keeping you posted on all the delivery schedule of your items.


Quality Control and Specific Package for every shipment with flexible and precise Packing List.  We can ship worldwide with all the certifications needed, through Internal or External forwarder. "Room in a Box" organization: Receive the boxes of your project divided room by room.